Hello! I’s be Karmack.

Picture here show what I’s look like. Most humans no can see Karmack. Must be speedy-eyed, like new friend Sully. Speedy-eyed very rare. You’s be speedy-eyed? 

Sully and he's gang make many bad tricks. They’s pile high like skyscrapers over boys’ heads. I's job be balance skyscrapers.

You’s got skyscraper over you’s head? From many bad tricks? Bad tricks hurt. Universe no want you’s hurt. Want good tricks only. Good tricks balance bad tricks. You’s gotcha?

I’s very busy. Got many jobs. Like blow wind for hurricane, send snow down mountain for avalanche, spew fire from volcano. But if you's make many bad tricks and build skyscrapers over you's head, I's must balance. 

I’s have big fun balancing Sully -- even drop caterpillars on he's head! But Sully get angry, want hurt Karmack. I’s shake from scare. 

Then Sully get smart. Learn to make good tricks so skyscraper go poof!  I's so happy I's dance!

       Fun facts about Karmack

        height: about the size of a toddler
        weight: on the pudgy side, especially around the middle
        hair: a few sprigs of grass on the top of head
        eyes: green and beady
        ears: kind of pointy
        nose: big and bulbous
        gender: unknown, but Sully refers to Karmack as he
        clothes: a bunch of leaves twisted together tunic-style
        language: some English, though not very good (see above)